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      ABOUT US

      Baoji Aerospace Power Pump Co., Ltd. was established in January 18, 2004, Registered capital of 60 million yuan,Shaanxi Aerospace Power High-tech Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary. The main business scope is a variety of industrial pumps and machinery and electrical equipment research and development, production and sales. Companies registered in the state-level Baoji Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, for high-tech enterprises.

      Shaanxi Aerospace Power High-tech Co., Ltd. is initiated by some of the core units of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, with aerospace fluid technology (including liquid, gas) and inertial navigation technology as the core technology to engage in a series of civilian product design, development, production And sales of technology-intensive high-tech enterprises. Company on April 8, 2003 listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the stock referred to as "aerospace power", stock code 600343.



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